Domestic Adoption Eligibility

Domestic Adoption Requirements

An Open Door seeks couples who are:

  • Married for at least three (3) years in a traditional marriage between a husband and a wife
  • At least 25 years of age; and not over the age of 45
  • Free of communicable disease, in good physical and mental health, and have a normal life expectancy
  • Have the capacity to meet the child’s physical and emotional needs throughout his/her developmental stages of childhood and adolescence
  • Once accepted into the program, both parents must attend two scheduled program meetings, both of which are held in the same day. An informational meeting is held in the morning followed by an Adoption Preparation meeting in the afternoon.
  • All couples applying to An Open Door must be of the Christian faith. Learn more »
  • Due to expectant mother needs, we are focusing on adoptive families open to substance use and full African-American and bi-racial babies.

Domestic Adoptions

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