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I have always felt that being a friend was my greatest strength.

Working with birth mothers with An Open Door allows me to laugh with you and cry with you and to just overall support you as you walk through this season of your life. My role is not to convince you to take a certain path, but to give you the information about adoption that will allow you to make the best possible decision for you and your child.

My role is not to judge you for whatever past circumstances might have led you to where you stand now, but to help you assess your strengths and dreams and create a plan that will help you get started in that direction.

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Pregnancy Common Questions

If I meet with you, do I have to place my child for adoption?

No. We are here to help you reach the best decision for your child’s future. If you choose to parent, we will connect you to resources that can help you do that. If you feel adoption may be right for you, we can share all of your options as you make a plan for your child’s future.

Do I have to pay a fee to meet with you?

No. Our services are free. We’re here to support you, no matter what.

Do I come to your office or can you come to where I am?

We have adoption counselors located throughout the state of Georgia. We can come meet with you wherever you are most comfortable.

Does the birth father have any rights?

Yes, but his rights are different than your rights as the baby’s legal parent at the time of birth. Your counselor will be glad to answer your questions about the birth father.

Who chooses the family?

We would love for you to choose the family, or we can do this for you. We have many wonderful couples wanting to adopt. Our counselor can share several Life Books with you — these give you a picture of the couple, their story, family and home. Most of our adoptions are semi-open. This means you will be able to meet with the couple before the adoption, if you would like to. We share only non-identifying information about you with them and likewise with you about them. After the adoption, they continue to share updates and photos with you over the years. If you choose an open adoption, you may even plan to visit them after the adoption.
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What help can you give me with living expenses?

We can help you with any pregnancy-related expenses that you cannot handle. Each person has different needs. Call 1-800-868-6339 to talk with a counselor about your options.

Will you help me tell others about my plan of adoption?

Our counselor is there to help you with everything. We can help you figure out what to say, or we can be there with you as your share your choice with family or friends. This is an important moment in your life, and we want you to know that you are fully supported and loved.

Will you still be there for me if I choose to parent?

Absolutely! We want you to make the right decision for yourself and your child. If this means parenting, we can help you figure out the next steps. If it means adoption, we are there to share all your options with you. Parenting can be very difficult, and we want to make sure you have the right plan.

Can I see my child after placing her for adoption?

Definitely. You choose how open or not you want the adoption to be. In a semi-open adoption, you can receive monthly updates and pictures for six months after the placement, and a yearly update for every year after that until the child is 18. In a fully open adoption, you may even visit the child, if you and the adoptive family choose to do so. You can also register on Georgia’s Reunion Registry, so that your child can find you after they reach 18 if he or she wishes to. Earlier meetings can be arranged with the consent of the adoptive parents.

Can I see my child in the hospital?

Yes. You have many choices available to you during your hospital stay. Your counselor will assist you in making a written plan of how you would like things to happen at the hospital. This plan includes letting the hospital know how much contact you would like with the baby, who you want to visit with you and/or the baby, how much involvement you would like the adoptive parents to have, etc. This will help things go smoothly and alert the staff about how to best serve you during your stay.

Can my child find me?

According to current Georgia laws, at the time a child turns 18 in Georgia, if he or she decides to search for their birth parents, they will have access to identifying information about you only if you have filed your name and address with the Birth Parent Registry in the state capital. If future contact is acceptable to you, all you need to do is keep your address current with the Registry and An Open Door.