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Here, you can find out about what the process looks like, the free services you are provided, the confidential counseling you can receive, and what you and your baby’s options are.


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Waiting Couples

As you are looking through the profiles of families waiting to adopt, you can rest assured that every one of our couples has undergone a rigorous screening process.  Should you choose adoption, you have the power to choose a family and be confident your child will be growing up in a safe, loving environment with Christian parents.

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Georgia Counselors

When you call Open Door, we will connect you with a counselor in your area. She will be available to help you understand your options and will help you navigate the adoption process, should you decide to proceed. She will offer support and resources, but she will not pressure you or coerce you into anything you aren’t comfortable with. She’s here to empower and support you as you plan for your baby’s future.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are my options? Can I choose a family for my baby? Does the birth father have to be involved? Will the agency offer me financial assistance? These are questions you might have. Click this link to learn the answers.

Frequently Asked Questions