Being a Source of Support for Birth Mothers


Birth mothers need a strong support system to get them through the emotionally and physically strenuous process of birth and adoption. How can you best be that source of support? Here are a few things you can do to become a better strength and help to these important women, doing such an important thing!

Read Up On the Process

The first step to investing time and energy into their situation is to learn more about it. Show that you are genuinely interested in the process and ready to be a part of it, by developing a thorough understanding of the steps involved. Websites for adoption platforms (like Open Door Adoption) can take you through every step, and offer valuable insight as to how birth mothers and adoptive families may feel, or what they may struggle with, during each of these phases.

Help Through the Pregnancy

Having read through the process, you can be more aware of the times birth mothers you know need help. Showing these women that they and their health and wellness is a priority to you is a serious gift for those birth mothers! Simple things like routine check-ins, giving rides to doctor appointments (or joining them if they express that desire!), providing a meal, cleaning their home, all are basic acts of service that are worth an incredible amount. This is a taxing period of time, and birth moms go through it knowing that they will be passing the child along to another family at the end. Do what you can to just be there for birth mothers.

Refer Them to Other Good Sources

Finally, one of the best things you can do for birth mothers is to be a good listener, and a source of positive direction. Do some research so that you can refer them to healthy sources of support and information, like support groups, counselors, or webpages that encourage and lift them. As someone they trust, they will feel more confident in these good sources that will be so valuable to them.

Open Door Adoption is a valuable source of safe and reliable information that can help you become more aware of and sympathetic to the needs of birth mothers in your life. Contact us with specific questions you have on how you can become a better source of support to birth mothers in your life and everywhere! 

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