Brandon’s Speech on Domestic Adoption


Eighteen years ago a young woman faced a major life decision. She had an unplanned pregnancy. Her marriage was falling apart and she had a daughter less than a year old she loved more than anything. But she chose to give birth to her unplanned child.

Her choice to give birth led to another choice. She had to decide whether to keep the child or place him for adoption. She chose adoption to give her child opportunities she was afraid she could not offer him. This choice led to yet another choice. She then had to choose the family who would take her child and nurture and guide him into the kind of adult she wanted him to become. As a result of the choices the young woman made, I stand here today, because I was that child.

I am honored to have my birth mother and sister along with my parents here this evening. I would like to thank all of them for the tough choices and sacrifices they have made to make this day possible for me. To them I say I love you and am truly blessed to have such a loving, generous, and supportive family.
– Brandon,
adopted child

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