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We admire the courage and strength you have in making what we imagine to be one of the most difficult decisions you have ever had to make. We are honored that you are considering us in your journey.

We hope our life book and pictures convey the fun loving family we are! Adoption has already been a beautiful blessing in our lives. Kevin was adopted as an infant, and we were blessed to have been chosen to parent sweet 2 year old Brynn. We are ready to grow our family through adoption again. We are hands-on parents. We will be at every sporting event/music program/dance recital or whatever he or she is interested in. We will teach him/her to be independent and confident. He/she will be allowed to make mistakes, and be supported as he/she learns and grows from them. There will be tears and hugs. There will be FUN and LAUGHTER! Our promise to you is your baby will be loved unconditionally and supported throughout the adventures in life.

We are ready to welcome you and your baby into our loving and caring family. If it’s your desire, there will be open, honest and consistent communication with you. The baby will always know that he/she is lovingly adopted. Thank you for considering us as part of your journey.

We are praying for you and your baby. We pray the Lord gives you peace and comfort as you make this decision on your journey.


Kevin, Jenny and Brynn

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