Mexico Waiting Children

Email Cathy Sawyer at the email provided for more information on the children that are available for international adoption in Mexico. Some information on the Mexico Waiting Children are listed below.

Sibling Group of 5 (4 Girls & 1 Boy)

11-Year-Old Girl
She has a calm temperament and has developed self-confidence and a loving attitude toward her caregivers and siblings. She is very independent in her routine activities, helps younger children, and assumes a role of caregiver. She enjoys activities like reading, coloring, making bracelets and playing with dolls. She is diagnosed with developmental delay, psychomotor and speech disorders, ADHD, learning disorder, disorder secondary cognitive development, disorder specific pronunciation, delay expected physiological development for age and seasonal allergic rhinitis. Despite this, she maintains good health and does not take medication. She is in 5th grade and has established important emotional ties with her colleagues and friends.

10-Year-Old Boy
He is described as intelligent, kind, friendly, and bold. He is affectionate with adults and their colleagues. He has a protective attitude towards his sisters, shows them affection, but also seeks his own friends and does his activities independently. He has a leadership role with colleagues. He is competitive, but also sensitive to needs and emotions of others. He shows emotional stability, establishes close and healthy social & emotional ties with peers and adults. His development is corresponding to his chronological age. He present a state of good health and has a diagnosis of myopia and asthmatic which is being treated. He is in the 4th grade and interacts appropriately with his colleagues and guides.

8-Year-Old Girl
She is described as in good health. She has favorable development in all areas. She is tender and collaborative with adults. She is also very active and likes to keep moving, climbing, running, skating, or cycling. She loves playing with dolls and coloring. Once her confidence is gained, she enjoys giving lots of hugs. She has built a healthy bond with her siblings which contributes to her self-esteem and feeling of protection. She is in the second grade and has an interest in learning and collaborating with adults. She has improved her impulsivity control and emotional responses.

7-Year-Old Girl
She is known for her intelligence and autonomy. She learns easily and despite her young age, has great confidence in her abilities to perform any activity assigned to her. She seeks academic challenges and enjoys increasing her skills and knowledge. She is more selective with others although she is affectionate with her siblings. She likes to play individual games, loves to play babies, draw, video games, and coloring. Her favorite activity is playing soccer with her brother. She reflects a healthy emotional state. She has a suitable academic performance and is in the first grade. She presents a good state of health and is diagnosed with a history of trauma cranioencephalic without clinical repercussions with a history of family violence (assessed by neurology with CT & EEG reporting normal).

6-Year-Old Girl
This little girl is very sociable and likes to start conversations with adults. She asks them questions, seeks attention and affection. She has the most skills expected for her age in the areas of language, motor skills, sociability, and learning. She maintains a close affective and communication bond with her siblings. She was diagnosed in 2020 with local epilepsy of which she is currently under follow-up and treatment with magnesium valproate. She has not presented convulsive events to date. She also present a diagnosis of intolerance to lactose. She is in her 3rd year of preschool.


Sibling Group (Brother & Sister)

11-Year-Old Boy
He is described as fun and easy, physically & mentally. He enjoys activities such as reading, drawing, making crafts, and anything related to movies or horror characters. He was diagnosed with ADHD in 2021 and is being treated with medication. He is a calm child who behaves with kindness when situations turn out the way he wants and can be irritable when they don’t. He is in 4th grade and shows good social skills with his classmates. He requires adult support to understand the importance of following rules since his ADHD diagnosis can make it difficult to manage impulsivity and anticipation of consequence of their actions.

9-Year-Old Girl
She is a happy, playful child with a lot of charisma. She quickly gains the affection of those around her. She likes to make jokes and her energy level can lead to difficulty regulating her emotions. She is bold, outgoing, and social. She likes to give and receive affection such as hugs and kisses, and demands attention of adults. She has managed to adapt socially and behaviorally to school and demonstrates autonomy, security, and enthusiasm when participating in routines and activities. She is in 3rd grade and is kind to peers and adults. She is being treated for atopic dermatitis and asthma.

3-Year-Old Girl

This little girl is described as in good general health condition. Retinopathy of prematurity. Good prognosis for life. She is underweight but emotionally stable. She attends vision therapy and sensory integration.
*We hope to be able to provide more information soon*

9-Year-Old Girl

This little girl has been diagnosed with bilateral hyperopia, left auditory dysfunction, and global developmental delay. She is described as emotionally stable. She participates in special eduation.
*We hope to be able to provide more information soon*

The Mexico Adoption Process