Mexico Waiting Children

Email Cathy Sawyer at the email provided for more information on the children that are available for international adoption in Mexico. Some information on the Mexico Waiting Children are listed below.

12 Year Old Girl:

She is a happy child and wants a family. This smiling girl likes to study and learn new things. She is a very dedicated child. We know that she is a good student and likes to help her classmates. She is cooperative and reserved. When she gets to know someone, she then is dedicated and faithful.

12 Year Old Boy

He is a sweet boy whose developmental status matches his age and can communicate with clarity. He masters and applies the basic concepts of mathematics operations, identifies addition & subtraction signs, but does not understand concepts and procedures to solve problems, combined operations, and other 6th grade requirements. It is presumed that he does not have the basic knowledge required for the current sixth grade level of primary school. The way that learning is facilitated for him is using information assimilation, that is, through active listening. It requires that the indications be clear & precise, no more than ten words per fragment. He has a good relationship with his classmates, respects the rules given to him, and enjoys recreational activities. It is necessary that he attends an optometric examination to determine visual acuity.

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