Our Domestic Adoption Story


Our journey of becoming a family began back in July 2002 after we got married. We started trying for a family right away….we prayed for a large family right away too. After about a year, we felt something wasn’t right. We went to see doctor after doctor after doctor. Nothing was wrong with us. No rhyme or reason for not getting pg. We continued on with our lives and prayed that God would someday bless us with a child.

We knew no matter how God brought a child into our lives it was meant to be and would be loved unconditionally. We tried a few more new treatments with no luck and after months of trying to move forward and let our hearts heal, God led us to an amazing agency in Georgia called An Open Door. We needed to put together a Life Book and a Dear Birth mother letter. The life book was much, much easier to do than the birth mother letter. Ugh! That was so hard to write. How do you possibly put into words how much you were going to love their child and how much we long to be parents?!?!

When we were chosen it was the most amazing feeling. It took our breath away when we were sent the first photo of a baby boy. We couldn’t believe how much love we had in our hearts for a child that was over 1,000 miles away.

An Open Door, our Social Worker and foster parents of our son were beyond AMAZING. I know that God knew we needed these people in our lives and to help us every step of the way. An Open Door and our Social Worker were always willing to answer questions (I had tons of course) and were always just a phone call away. We can’t say enough about how great of an experience we had. Adoption is the most phenomenal way of becoming a family. We tell everyone what agency we used and always share the website to couples who are looking to adoption. We are truly blessed in life and are going to be adopting again thru An Open Door in the spring of 2011.
– Jenn & Joe

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