Our Family’s International Adoption Story


We adopted boys recently through An Open Door using Cathy. I can tell you adopting 5 is no easy task… and if anyone had a reason to experience glitches in the adoption process it was us! However our adoption was truly flawless. I’m very organized and any adoption requires someone to walk you through every step. I appreciated that Cathy was also so very organized and spent phones calls going over forms with me step by step. I would say that rather than being your assistant she will be the one leading you through the maze of adoption every detail of the way. I recommend her so highly. More than anything you need to feel like you can trust her and that she is your expert in this area and your advocate. She was both for us! No adoption is without stress, but I will say that Cathy makes it as easy as possible. I would also say that having the right attitude helps to makes adoptions successful. A lot of people become demanding of their adoption worker and expect them to do the impossible.

I think it’s important to understand that adoption coordinators walk a tight rope of international legal policy, different cultures, even different time zones can cause delays in answering questions at times. So whoever you choose I would encourage you to realize that God is ultimately in control, and she is a blessing helping you on this journey. 🙂 Certainly if you have questions ask! That is what she is there for! Unfortunately, I’ve seen so many “parents” act entitled, then complain that their adoption is a disaster. Adoption is a complicated process and the professionals that are in this field have seen it all. Our boys have been home almost a year and I’m still amazed I’m their mom! I appreciate every person that helped us along the way. It has been a beautiful process.

Thank you An Open Door!

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