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Meet Amber

As a pregnant woman, you are probably wondering what your options are for the future. How will you manage your pregnancy? What does adoption look like? Can you continue to see your child after pregnancy? Can you continue to see your child after placing him or her? What will she think of you?

I can help you answer all these questions! My heart is to help you figure out exactly what’s right for you. It’s not the same for everyone. I am the Domestic Adoption Program Coordinator, and we have counselors all over the state I would love to connect you with. In fact, we can meet with you, in person, the same day you call. 

Call us! We’re here for you! 

Domestic Adoption Program Coordinator

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An Open Door Pregnancy Counselors

We have counselors available all over the state of Georgia. Please contact us to be connected with the local counselor in your area. 1-800-868-6339