I Resolve to Lay My Isaac Down


This might be one of the most beautiful things I’ve read… This is the blog of a birthmother who has so graciously narrated her adoption journey. This is a post you will no doubt be touched by in a deep way.

Pregnancy/Adoption: My Unexpected Adventure

In four days, my entire life is going to change drastically. My C-section is scheduled for the morning of July 2nd. After months of counting down the days and wishing Little Man would hurry up and be born already, I suddenly realized about a week ago how absolutely terrified I was for his birthday to arrive. I have a tendency to stuff my emotions and mentally block them out; this is a talent that has served me well in the past, but also a reaction I knew would not be helpful for this situation. My caseworker from the adoption agency told me early on to start the grieving process as soon as possible, and I determined to do so. I am glad now that I listened to her, because if I had gotten this far in the pregnancy without confronting my emotions concerning LM, I would be in dire straits.

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