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Dear Birthmom,

Thank you so much for considering adoption for your baby.  We realize that we’ll likely never know what you’ve been through to get to this point and what it’s really like to come to a decision like this.  We can say that we understand how difficult it must be and the great amount of courage it takes.  We’d like you to know that you and your baby girl have been in our hearts throughout this process and we truly admire you for your strength.

We feel so strongly that your child deserves a home full of love, laughter, and joy.  We are excited to provide this for her and to include you in this process in any way that encourages you and that you’re comfortable with.  You’ll always be highly regarded (a hero) and prayed for in our family. 

Adoption has been on our heart since we met 23 years ago!  We started the process before our boys were born and have always felt we were called to expand our family in this way.  We are beyond grateful that you have taken the time to consider our family. 

With Love,
Ian and Jess


We met on the basketball court 23 years ago in high school are we are now adventuring together in our twelfth year of marriage.  We are a young at heart couple who strives to put God and family first, while enjoying the ride along the way with our two boys.  Exploring our beautiful country with family and friends through outdoor activities is a way we love to spend our free time.  

Ian is upbeat, always positive, patient and someone everyone loves to be around.  Oh, he has the best belly laugh and is always looking for a way to make someone smile. Ian is a physician assistant in hospital medicine at the local medical center located in the neighborhood that we live in. 

Jesse has a way of connecting with people from all walks of life while all the while making them feel loved.   Children (and teenagers) tend to gravitate towards her due to her kindness and universal ability to connect.  Jesse works part time outside of the home as a high school special education teacher.  With the exception of these two days each week, she is at home raising two little boys. She considers this the most important job, and absolutely loves any kind of activity they get to do together – reading, crafting, outdoor exploring and cooking.

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